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Path to Stress Reduction

We're here to help...

Modern life is stressful. 

Sometimes the pressures of life overwhelm us. 

When you are worried that the resources you possess will not meet the demands made on you, we will be there to help. 

We can assist you to understand and respond to the stress.  We can help you find resources that will meet and exceed the demands of daily life.  We can help you to find the strength to cope in the future.

We are committed to providing mental health services that meet or exceed the professional standards of the mental health field.

We provide additional specialties beyond those commonly reimbursed through the insurance system.  If you are in need of services that require more confidentiality that is afforded by a third party reimbursement system, or if you need a mental health professional for a "non-medical" intervention, you may want to consider these services.

Learn more about Stress Management Clinic's Healthy Thinking Initiative.


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