I am a board-certified psychiatrist who has practiced in the Milwaukee area since 1990. I hold a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry from Cornell University.


I completed my psychiatric residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin where I now serve as Assistant Clinical Professor.


I am a student of yoga, a meditator, and I integrate spirituality and natural ways of healing into my practice. I pioneered the development of the community process group during the course of my career, and I have extensive experience with such groups during the past decade.


I seek to create a community process that fosters healing at the personal level, leading to healing at a societal level.

David Holloway, MD, PhD


Location: Glendale Stress Management Clinic (414) 962-9156

                   Waukesha Stress Management Clinic (262) 544-6486

                   West Allis Stress Management Clinic (414) 329-7000