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Gary Michael Major, Ph.D.


Location: West Allis Stress Management Clinic (414) 329-7000

"I have the privilege of working with all ages and as a result, I use a developmental approach in dealing with life issues. I am very interactive in the therapy process, including: teaching, coaching, and role-modeling, all to empower you to reach your personal life goals."


  • Marquette University, Ph.D.

  • Listed in National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology



  • Depression

  • Alcohol/drugs

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks

  • Pain Management

  • Psychological Effects of Chronic Medical Conditions

  • Overall life transitions.


Children (3-12) Adolescents (13 - 18)

Adults (18 - 64) Geriatrics (65+)


More than 30-years in mental health, more specifically, State Hospital work, Crisis intervention, Court Liaison/Evaluations, Classroom Instructor "Conflict Mediation and Diffusing Conflict," "Violent and Drug Induced Behaviors," and "The Use of Humor in Crisis Situations."


In addition, I have conducted research on Interpersonal Attraction and Attitude Change. The past 18 years in practice at Stress Management and Mental Health Clinics.


I have three favorite children that I enthusiastically support in their academic, extra-curricular, and daily life activities.