John Weaver, Psy.D.


Location:  Waukesha Stress Management Clinic (262) 544-6486


  • Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology) from The Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology

  • M.Div. (Master of Divinity) from St. Francis School of Pastoral Miniatry


  • Depression and related disorders

  • Anxiety disorders, including obsessive compulsive disorders, panic disorders, recovery from truama, and stress

  • Relationship problems including working with couples and families

  • Parent-child relationships and disruptive behavior disorders including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  • Making effective changes in life, including becoming more optimistic, resilient, and mindful.

  • Spiritual issues as they relate to improved psychological functioning

Are you worried that depression or anxiety is becoming a chronic problem? Are you interested in addressing your issues without medication or with the least amount of medication possible? Do you want to learn healthy thinking skills, to be in better control of your emotions, and to align your actions with your deepest value?


In my work, I use a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy approach. Mindfulness skills are simple to learn and helpful to use. Research has shown that up to 40% of those who apply mindfulness practices to manage the symptoms of depression have been able to successfully reduce or eliminate anti-depressant medication without relapsing for more than 5 years. Mindfulness has also been shown to help with many types of anxiety disorders, and improve relationships for couples.


I work with individuals, couples, families and groups. I have been offering groups for training in mindfulness skills for 20+ years. This approach involves increasing awareness of the present moment, in a purposeful way, without judgment. I work with groups and individuals to develop these skills in a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere. We can do this work together.


My book, The Prevention of Depression: A Missing Piece in Wellness is now available at our Waukesha Stress Management Clinic. A training manual, The Healthy Thinking Program, designed to teach healthy thinking skills in businesses and organizations, is also available at the Waukesha Stress Management Clinic.


Mindfulness groups are offered approximately three times per yera. They are limited to 8 participants and are educational in focus. Groups are two hours in length and run for eight weeks. The cost of the group is $360 and is often covered by insurance. Please contact our Waukesha office at (262) 544-6486 to check on your insurance coverage or to register for the next group.


  • Director of the Healthy Thinking Initiative, a psychological wellness program for organizations. For more information about this, see our website at

  • Professional speaking on a wide variety of topics, including wellness, positive psychology, mindfulness, and more.

  • Business Consultation, interventions designed to create a psychologically healthy workplace.

  • Psychological services for Long term Care facilities.

  • Crisit Intervention for Businesses and Organizations


  • Wisconsin Psychological Association,Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Psychology Foundation. Chair of the Wisconsin Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program.

  • American Psychological Association, Chair of the Strategic Advisory Panel of the Psychology in the Workplace Network Program.