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Call Patricia Modell, LCSW, child/family therapist for more information at 414 962-9156 and or Trish Modell works with children in her wellness groups as well as with adults and children individually and with families as a private practitioner at Stress Management Glendale, Wisconsin

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Therapeutic wellness groups for children and teens ages 4-18 years old and parent goups. Groups are established around wellness themes such as character, self control, connecting, self esteem, friendship, managing emotions, creative relaxation, communicating positively, healthy habits,  stress management, mindful parenting, and many more.


Activities include singing, dancing, game playing, art, music, yoga, discussions, visualizations, breath work, relaxation, and cognittive behavioral techniques. Children of all development levels and abilities are accepted and grouped accordingly. Various groups are developed to build a lifetime of wellness tools and positive health habits for children with anxiety, Asperger, ADHD, stress, special needs, depression and behavioral difficulties. All children can benefit