Craig Modell, Ph.D.

Work/ Life Coach

Glendale Stress Management Clinic: (414) 962-9156
West Allis Stress Management Clinic: (414) 329-7000

Craig practiced as a successful psychologist, leader, and clinic owner for 40 years before recently transitioning to a Work/Life Coach. Craig is a warm and caring professional. His orientation is client centered, objective, and he uses a solution-focused approach to his coaching style. He is effective at helping clients be more motivated and focused to remove blocks and achieve work/life goals for everyday life activities.

Areas of Specialty

  • Coach to business and industry helping you achieve your work-related goals
  • Coach to men and women (single/married) individually and in groups to achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • Coach/Trainer to improve human relations for all to learn better communication skills
  • Coach for couples to improve communication and function better as a team unit while maintaining individuality

Work/ Life Coaches Characteristics and Tasks*

  • Coaches focus on the present and future
  • Coaches help identify obstacles or blocks to remove to help achieve your goals
  • Coaches offer support, guidance, and a plan of action
  • Coaches help remove negativity and poor self-talk
  • Coaches meet in person, use phone calls, text messages, and emails
  • Coaches fees are flexible, with a pay-as-you go fair system
  • Coaches help you: personally, reach work goals, life plans, financial success, create peak performance, and improve actions for your health
  • Coaches form a client centered and collaborative relationship
  • Coaches help clients find their own unique solutions and raise personal awareness as a process
  • Coaches follow professional and ethical standards as they practice
  • Coaches help educate clients to create better self-management and higher levels of performance
  • Coaches emphasize reaching your full potential to solve your own problems

* Reference: see Do You Need a Therapist or a Coach by Bill Cole MS, MA