Plant the seeds to a life that is more satisfying, inspiring, and awesome.

At The Healthy Thinking Center, we offer presentations, programs, workshops, and classes that nurture you to grow toward your best life.

Find the tools to weed out the barriers that hold you back from living a life that is purposeful and inspiring. Cultivate the skills to blossom into the person you are meant to become.


  • Learn about psychological disorders
  • Discover effective treatments that are based on scientific research
  • Acquire skills to nurture effective thoughts and behaviors that allow you to flourish


  • Integrate your whole self, mind – body – spirit, into your best life
  • Develop practices that enhance your happiness and life purpose
  • Learn how to lead others to grow and flourish

Giving to Others

  • Engage with others to develop and innovate
  • Develop the resilience to withstand the storms of life
  • Create a culture of effectiveness
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