By: John Weaver, Psy.D.


In my work with the American Psychological Association’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, we have been able to clearly demonstrate the connections between organizational excellence and employee well-being. There is a lot of research that is being done to understand the psychology behind those who are able to succeed at a high level. That will be the subject of the talk on Monday, February 17th at our Healthy Thinking Center, from 7:00 – 8:00 PM.


When any of us try to perform at a high level, there are challenges that we inevitably encounter. Our brains are wired to be more sensitive to threat than to high performance and we are constantly distracted by negative information. Our behavior is affected by the context in which we find ourselves, which can result in choices that self-sabotage our efforts to be our best. Stress interferes with our ability to be proactive.


These challenges do not have to keep us from performing at our best, but we must make some adjustments to make it happen.


We need to be able to identify the positive in our situation, so that we can utilize it effectively. This requires us to make the effort to notice positives three times as often as negatives. While this sounds deceptively simple, it actually requires effort.


We need to be able to generate awareness of how our own actions have an influence on the outcomes. If we attribute good outcomes to luck, we are helpless to get lucky again. If we can see our role in the outcome, we have a reason to start acting in ways that make it more likely that we will have more positive outcomes.


We also need to develop habits that will promote behavior that is sustainable and beneficial for us throughout the long term. We can systematically build better habits that will work in our favor.


Join us to learn about important behavioral choices and patterns of thinking that will help us to develop emotional skills that promote us to be our best selves.